We all have choices. Some people are planners others are spontaneous. It all comes down to the “why” or “why not’ reasoning for our choices. You must first recognize that change needs to take place in order for you to achieve what you want in life. In other words, changing a behavior most often must happen.

People have a tendency to be “used to” their way of doing things, or their view of how things should be. They ignore the evidence that suggests that change is possible or even necessary. Why not? There are a lot of people who have trouble with this question.

It could imply that there is some sort of risk. It means that you have to give up your known pattern of behaviors that are not working for you and make a change which can be fearful.

What is the biggest chance that you have taken in your life? The majority of people choose safe lives. I’ve heard over and over that they would love to…..BUT, …….. Life is a gamble, from a different haircut to a trip across country.

How do we distinguish between the risk of making mistakes, being lonely, and possibly wondering “what if’ if we play it safe?

Most of our lives we have had to find our own way, make mistakes, and learn from them. We have become stronger from life’s lessons.

To take risks and necessary changes, and adapting to change is a giant act of courage, which we can’t always do alone. Happiness is the greatest risk. So, let yourself finally do it.

I’m excited about taking on this assignment as guest writer for the month of July sharing my story and hopefully touching base with some the challenges you face in your life. Perhaps, you will gain the strength and encouragement, and support necessary to make the change(s) you seek.

I choose to keep myself anonymous here for all parties involved, however like you, we all have life experiences that have been rather tough and un-inviting to say the least but we somehow grow from this by taking charge of our life’s decisions.

I, myself, have struggled as a part of  a 26 year abusive marriage and then, another abusive relationship that ended about seven months ago. The most important step I made for “me” was changing the behaviors I had acquired throughout my life that led to the abuse I endured.  As I was getting my life back together I was diagnosed with Cancer. I can cheerfully and triumphantly shout that I won and I am a Cancer survivor!

I am ever so thankful to God, prayers from friends, and the unconditional love and support from my two daughters who mean so much to me.

Curt Canada, Life Coach, has been one of the most important people in my life over the past year. He has helped me not only recognize the need for a change in my behavior patterns but also to allow myself to reflect,  to be mindful, and gain clarity about all those things in which I so seek to happen for me in the days ahead. His professionalism, kindness and genuine desire to help me to make the most of my life is amazing! Let’s just see where this goes over next few weeks. Come along with me as we share tips and suggestions and intentions for each other! GWr

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