ImageWhat have you gone through lately that has simply thrown you sideways or upside down suspended in a motionless place. A sort of feeling like the air was knocked right out of you. That’s exactly what prompted  me to write this article.  Like many of you, the economy has tightened your belt a little, you”re not getting the contracts or jobs you envisioned as an entrepreneur or small business, your relationship or marriage is threatened,  you have taken on a mysterious illness or disability which has physically blind-sided you,and /or you have been unemployed for more than six months.

Who rattled your cage ? What are you confronting today or tomorrow? What support systems do you have in place? Where are those real friends and family?

For the moment lets enter into the world of “dare to make your own miracles” as phrase taken from the a favorite former football coach in which I so admire, Lou Holtz. No plagiarisms here, I am simply taking this phrase from the book he authored titled “Winning Every Day”.  His stories surround actual events involving getting oneself ready for game day beginning with getting there ,hunkering down, morning silence  and affirmations, rituals, breakfast, viewing the field ,checking out the weather, your staff and most important your team. It’s not so much about the opponent because they will be there. Your opponent has researched and studied you over and over again. They are so aware of what you do well and are knowledgeable of your Achilles hill.

As an experienced executive, career, life, and leadership development coach with credentials and titles, I advise having a game plan with all the actions and strategies, asking the right “what if” questions along with some insight and confidence into what you want to happen visualizing fervently along the way its results. 

In one of Holtz’s football stories at Notre Dame, his team needed that big play. This is absolutely what you and I may need.  The late Sarah Vaughn would sing “what a difference a day makes”. 

Here are a few questions and  strategies to ponder making that big play!

1 Do you have the full story (getting all your questions answered)

2 What can you do immediately to change the course of your story (proactive healthy step(s) or goals)

3 What available resources do you possess (calling in the troops)

4 how can you stop the bleeding (changing and eradicating behaviors that got you here in the first place)

5 plan to get back on your feet (continue eating, exercising, praying, visualizing)

Today is simply about “daring to make your own miracles”.  Do you need a “big play?”

One session with a life or career coach may in fact help you greatly as you make that next move. Arrange your coaching session today!

Curt Canada-Board Certified Coach at  Adapting2Change , a DC Chamber of Commerce Member 2012