Another year will soon go by and yes it catches me somewhat by surprise. President Obama was re-elected, the war continues, they say unemployment or employment is increasing, and My mom has reached the ripe old age of 90 and she’s coherent. Where did it go? I am beginning to notice how quickly time seem to pass. I suppose I have lived inside the beltway long enough or in Washington where things actually stands still or as it seems.

My youngest sister is in her early 50’s and I hope she doesn’t mind my saying so just as long as I do not list her name publicly. I don’t know about you but I’ve been in this city over 35 plus years and have seen restaurants and businesses change their names seven or eight times. Some of the kids I taught as a teacher or substitute teachers some years ago are now nearing their late 20’s and early thirties. Most of the friends and acquaintances I vowed to keep in touch with are inundated with raising children, getting them through college, or trying to figure out why their kids have returned back home. Others are again having moved away, in a second or third marriage or have simply decided that marriage doesn’t work for them anymore.

My mother who has reached her 90th birthday seems to have it all figured out or it appears so. She kindly looks you straight in the eye with a deep stare and says hello and I hope things are well with you and she manages to pray for everyone. She doesn’t talk much but I bet she has much to talk about or a lot of secrets that has helped her along the way.

I have a sister who is a cat well she should be a cat because she has more than nine lives, her doctors and cardiologists have written her off many of times and well she is still here with that gleam in her eyes and a look as if nothing is wrong, it must be sex at least that what she talks about most of the time and that no one should be alone. Her gift I have figured out years ago is simply to laugh and make others laugh.

I guess I haven’t said much about myself but to say I’m appreciative at this juncture of my life with some significant personal gains. “As the kid said in the popular tv commercial,”Things are looking up!” There’s still work and challenges that we all seem to face in our lives on various levels. I encountered a few scrapes and bumps and hiccups which are actually not so bad. I bet it’s been a very long year for those folks in Syria and those families and businesses that continues to suffer greatly from Hurricane Sandy and the recent storms in the Phillipines.

Collectively, we haven’t fallen off the financial cliff just yet and this all shall pass along with the seemingly war that we’re still engaged in. There’s room for celebration and joy and gratitude and hope for a better tomorrow for all those who find themselves not where they had envisioned presently. I keep getting asked what I do as a life coach well it’s about inspiring and serving others to set goals no matter how small. It’s the small things that seem to surface for me. Perhaps, you will agree! That’s my way of looking at all of this. Ithank you and stop on by in 2013. I welcome your insight and comments especially if you’ve been inspired in any way.

Best wishes this Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!

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