In China and all around the world the Chinese New Year is being celebrated and this Year’s astrological symbol is the “Snake”.

I am a Dragon and very proud of it as we celebrate the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Snake. It’s stated in Chinese astrological research that the Snake and the Dragon share similar anatomical features or qualities.

 The Snake is seen in most parts as a smaller version of the Dragon. Some of you will not even read any further as you simply do not partake in astrology. That’s perfectly fine.

Many of you will either celebrate this holiday or simply read and learn more about how you might benefit from your own Chinese astrological sign, and the Year of the Snake, during Year 2013.

Some of you will retreat from this as snakes are seen biblical perhaps as a serpent and ungodly and to be feared. Others have a definite fear of snakes.

As a Dragon, my weakest personality characteristics centers on stubbornness and arrogance.  Much to my surprise, if this is true, I have much personal development and work to do this year.  I definitely want to shed myself of these traits if they’re true.

It looks as though we could all  benefit from  the Year of the Snake, as snakes are methodical and conservative in nature finding its best moments in which to take action.

This is probably a good year for business minded people and for overall health and wellness.

Snakes shed their skin frequently …receiving an experiencing a new beginning and persona.

Don’t feel bad if you have abandoned all your New Years’ resolutions, simply jump on the Chinese New Year, Year of the Snake.  You will be surprised of your (positive) snake-like qualities.

  • Begin again shedding those pounds by starting your own  exercise program
  • Shed your mind from negative thoughts  journaling new experiences
  • Shed yourself of personal luggage you have been holding onto that serves no benefit for you or anyone else.
  • Create something new for you this year, you deserve it, you Snake!
  • Celebrate!

Snakes are super intelligent conserving their energy  until an opportunistic moment in which to take action.  How will you use your snake- like intelligence to grow and develop in a positive way, both personally and professionally?

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