I’ve talked before about living the life of your dreams, and being true to your calling so that you can find inner peace and enjoy meaningful relationships.

 Today I would like to speak with you about what it takes exactly to make these dreams come true, and it’s something all of us can do if we set our intention to.

Many people are going through changes in their lives lately regarding their career, as they seek to find pleasurable ways to make money and live in a way that honors their spirit.

If you’re thinking about all of the ways that you can achieve financial success and freedom, and still live in harmony with who you are at your core, I suggest to you that all it takes is the belief that you can do it and the desire to make it happen.



 To believe in our gifts, abilities, and worth is huge. It is, perhaps, the one building block that must be in place if we are to be successful in anything in life, whether it be work or play.

 When we believe that we have what it takes to make something happen or achieve something great, we align ourselves with an energy that puts everything we’ve ever wanted into motion.

When we believe that we can make a living doing what we love or make the world a better place by offering our ideas, we begin to paint a picture of a life and world that just needs the little details filled in over time, to finally become a masterpiece.

 Do you believe that you are worthy of everything you want in your life?

Do you believe that you are ready to receive it?


Quite frankly, I find it a challenge to respond to the questions I am asking of you!

     9/11 ripped us apart leaving us with doubt about our overall future. Katrina lingers in our minds along with the recent Hurricane Sandy along our East Coast. North Korea is attempting to raise it’s ugly fist  as we attempt to downsize our military. And yes, we are in an economic recovery. We are recovering. We are taking action to recover despite our continuing unemployment picture. Globally things are quite frazzled also.  Perhaps, I’m asking to much of you under the present stresses you presently face?



 Napoleon Hill’s famous book Think and Grow Rich speaks of desire as “The Turning Point of All Achievement.” I love how he likens desire as a turning point, a change, if you will in thinking that says we can absolutely have everything we want in our lives starting NOW.

 Hill says that we must have a desire to see our dreams, goals, and desires come to fruition. At the core of desire is the belief that we are ready to have what we want, but we also must be willing to take every action necessary to realize that which we want in our lives.

 In Think and Grow Rich, this is called a “burning desire,” and Hill says it is the key to achieving greatness in our lives. Hill references a quotation from Thomas Edison, which says, “I had learned, from years of experience with men, that when a man really DESIRES a thing so deeply that he is willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of the wheel in order to get it, he is sure to win.”

 Desiring something in our lives is critical, it is also of utmost importance to believe we can achieve it, and be persistent and patient enough to learn the skills we need in order to realize our dreams.

 When we put all of our faith in the purity of our beliefs, our abilities to do great things, and our desire to spread goodness to their world through our meaningful contributions, we will now change our own lives for the better, and be able to make a difference in the lives of others as well.

What’s standing in your way today of actualizing your dream? What life changing events are you still dealing with? Try placing into action a small goal that you want to reach in the next 30 days? Write it down on paper? Daily read aloud your goal? Besides believing and dreaming about what you seek, don’t forget to ask for what you want, ask for guidance, if need be, support, don’t stop there. Take action with what you have ( your talents and skills) to bring to the table.

Get others involved in your quest for  your success ( which isn’t always earning more money). Help others as you’re helping yourself.

 I want to help others as this is my passion and my dream. How can I help you take advantage of the services I provide? 

Despite our personal, national ,and global challenges, we must not give up on our dream(s).

Keep believing in you and your dreams. Your comments and stories are valuable.

Do let me here your thoughts and don’t forget to give thanks along the way.


Curt Canada coaches and advises clients in Washington DC at Adapting2change.