Speaking of brain fitness, I ran into a brick wall today as to the series of post on leadership and brain fitness. My block or brick wall led me to question my effectiveness as a writer. So I decided to move in a different direction. I chose to challenge myself to writing this post impromptu. Normally I have notes and research and a professional comment or two to add but no, I’m writing this post from scratch. I am hungry and curious as to how you will respond. So feed me your thoughts at the end in the form of comments if you so desire.

I thought I would place myself in the mind(s) of my readership  for a change.  You notice from the heading that I am truly vested in healthier relationships, for all us, whether personal or as a team member in and beyond the workplace.

I will do my best to cover this topic thoroughly as we as humans are forced to respond to challenging events so unforseen and sometimes rather surprising that changes our lives forever. Some of these events are pleasurable and wanting, others are debilitating and daunting.

My blog is real, authentic, no beating around the bush. It is an extension of my passion as a professional coach not to sensationalize anything  but to shed light on our unlimited abilities as humans to move forward, get back up, create from nothing, learn to love again, and most importantly, experience happiness and fulfillment in our personal and professional life. I often use the “phrase somewhere in a post “I want you healthy” and I hold true to this wish for you.

Recently, I received some “likes” from fellow bloggers and I thank you. However,my wish as I continue to post is to attract and bring into my community individuals from all walks of life , whether you’re a corporate CEO, a house-husband, a  Mom. a coal miner, truck driver, school teacher, fireman, or the President of the United States of America. It’s evident that it would take an enormous amount of time and energy to list everyone’s vocation and avocation.  I hope you take something from my post that will benefit you and those you come in contact with on a day-to day basis.

Perhaps, here you will find that missing link in your personal puzzle that will catapult you forward to create the change you so desire to happen. I want my post to reflect a recognition of our greatness amidst our fraility.  I  go through and experience some of the same things you face in your lives. I don’t have the answers, I will push you and cheer for you. I seek your questions and insights and stories.

If you have noticed some of my post have been directed to a particular audience. For example, this week I chose to address leadership and brain fitness. I hope you will chime into this discussion. You don’t have to be an executive to gain from this post. Here’s something you already know? The brain require new challenges, stimulation, proper rest, and essential nutrients conducive to the production of new neurons and pathways.  Learn more about how you if you’re an executive can benefit from a more fit brain in Mondays’ post. 

As I close , I want you to take away from this post, that it’s ok to take a break from a routine, change sometimes in mid-stream, reflect, take a sabbatical if need be. 

Here, I have chose to take a step back to reflect upon not so much about what I am writing but to focus more on you my real audience. You count much in the services I provide here at Adapting2change. Some of you may have comments or questions or stories you simply do not desire to share and I can understand this. 

There’s more to talk about and share here than my business and me. I would rather focus on how I can bring about a healthier you. Thank you so much for your followership thus far.

Curt Canada  passionate about my work daily to help others. Adapting2change is a private coaching practice in Washington DC. DC Chamber of Commerce Member. Email me at <a href="mailto:curtcanada@comcast.net