I actually had written another article to post but my brain got in the way. In previous post I touched upon various ways in which to increase the our performance in and beyond the workplace by engaging in activities that stimulates the brain. It’s obvious that with all the new technology we have in the marketplace that we as a society and workforce have become rather lazy and lack-luster.  I could ask you how are you exercising your brain at this moment? Or earlier today?

We are so quickly sometimes easily satisfied with a synopsis or summary of some important news or article. Before all of this we contently found time or invested in the time to read an entire article.  If you look around we have condensed our entire days  in such away that we have no time to have a real conversation with anyone. I  suffice to say that finding a moment to even take a walk is so out of the question.

We are getting bits and pieces of experiences. Such synaptic stops and starts may cheat us and not only our brains from benefiting from its natural processes in terms of  function thus inhibiting proper neural stimulation necessary for the growth of new neural pathways.

Inquiry appears at the top of the list not only for new scientific quest and for new discoveries. Inquiry brings about an innate exercise the brain requires as a prerequisite for growth.

 As I am writing this article or post on brain fitness I am experiencing in the moment new information pathways and doors opening up with cascading energy and a feeling of calmness. Not to get to far off course hear, I am saying that each of us possess this Brain,this enormous communication system, that if stimulated a little may in fact open new vistas for eradicating and reducing general symptoms related to stress related illnesses.

So I suggest as a part of your daily work as leaders and your teams and staff to engage in some activity as a whole group or branch implementing brain fitness stimulating activities or periods of  down time where the brain is simply at rest.

Take time to approach your day differently from that of yesterday.  For brain sakes, Instead of having that Scotch on the rocks, perhaps a Carrot or H2O on the rocks when things appear hectic or when you want to celebrate a “success” or goal you’ve met.

Discovery and brain stimulation comes also from exercising what is called “mindfulness”  allowing oneself to be present visualizing and experiencing and questioning and complementing the obvious.  Simply, its the time that takes you or I to say Hello to someone, the time it takes to take a deep breath before we open our mouths to answer or respond to a question just posed. This is not only you at work but the brain at work.

Perhaps its time in which we take the opportunity to become brain fit or simply allow time for moments in which the brain has a chance to become stimulated and fed. So,what did you have for breakfast today? How might I coach or advise you towards a healthier fit brain?


Curt Canada coaches clients towards better relationships and careers in and beyond the workplace at Adapting2change in Washington DC, a DC Chamber of Commerce Member.