Have you thought about how difficult it is to predict the future especially when you’re sort of up against the wall? We have so many things we want to happen but often we are caught having to believe in something that isn’t available for us yet. It’s called faith, that which is not exactly evident but is truly hoped for. It’s almost scary at times and somewhat fearful as to perhaps having to go it alone or on a different path.

“I often think of this song that has managed to enter my thought processes this week called “Carry On” by the group F.U.N.  It addresses the word fear – what will you do next?  Did you know that 60% of people fear something that will never happen and 30% of people fear something that happened in the past and can’t be changed ( http://statisticbrain.com/fear-phobia-statistics/)? All of our futures are so unpredictable and sometimes puzzling to know that, we simply must forge ahead with what amount of confidence and hope that we have or can conjure up.

Even though faith is the main ingredient for waiting and believing in what we want to happen, fear lingers like the shirt on our backs, so close, causing you and I to sometimes give up.  Meet what’s in your way, that’s tearing you apart.  Faith is like water is to a plant, it allows for things to grow and develop, faith in a similar way brings those hopes and desires into existence.

I know that when I want to overcome fear, have confidence in myself, and confidence in the moment that I am living in, I have to walk into faith with my eyes wide open.  Only then can I feel a positive presence and clarity that allows me to make mindful decisions which will lead me in the best direction.

Appreciate and revel in it.

When you are at a crossroads and no matter how much you use your logic and your brain to make the right decision, when you just can’t get a clear picture of which way to go, that’s when you have to let go. Assuredly, faith is there for the asking!

You will just have to go along with this faith thing because I am not going to write all the various definitions out there but I will share with you, not to give up on your dreams and goals no matter what you’re up against.

As a gift to you, think and say out loud or silently the words “Wind River Circle”.  Wind for energy, River for ever-flowing positive thought, and Circle for completion and outcome, what you’re seeking to happen for you, our communities, our families, and our world.

Tara Henderson, Guest Writer, is a speaker, writer, and communications strategist. She holds a Masters in English and is presently attending a Masters in Public Health at the University of Missouri. Tara is an advocate and spokesperson for Dating Abuse and Domestic Violence, providing workshops on college campuses in surrounding communities in Columbia, Missouri