Have you ever thought about lately how time seems to just go by so rapidly? Summer is almost over again and you’re noticing you haven’t taken a moment to do ……whatever that is for you?

Maybe your days and nights are so scheduled that you haven’t had the time or it never dawns on you as to what’s this all about. It is evident that we’re not all hard-wired the same as in how we perceive ourselves and our existence. I guess some of us are recorders of history and its momentary events unfolding sometimes right in front of us and then other times at far distances where it takes days and now less than seconds.

This summer has had its twist and turns like most summers new cast of characters or the lack of characters from last summer along with events that’s shocking and then those that are not so shocking. Volumes I perhaps could share but you would be reading a book.  Allow me to bring you along as a passenger with me for a moment as we back track a little, let’s say five months back. I promise I will not keep you there. In some way we will return to the present which at that time you will be almost at the end of this post.

A neighbor of mine (Tony) now deceased and succumbed to his personal challenges and accumulated stresses crosses my mind. I recall briefly his asking me about six months ago during a visit when bedridden, he offers me an almost rather worn brown leather jacket received as a gift. It was quite apparent that he would not be wearing this jacket come next year this time. It was something about the first paragraph that caused me to think momentarily of him. He lingers from time to time in my mind. I can’t help the fact that he lived across the hall from me and almost daily whether we spoke with each other our eye contact said hello and sheepishly, a how are you this day?

Moving forward, I really thought that I would have something very exciting to share with you but I really don’t have anything accept to reconnect or connect. Perhaps this is your first visit.

Let’s just hope that you find something enlightening or something that peaks your interest getting you to reflect or to stop for a moment appreciating all this whatever it is around us, living things, the good and the bad and the ugly, the dreams, the failures, the surprises, and not so surprises, the coming and goings, the hugs, the goodbyes.

I get up every morning actually so surprised to be here, elated to get a continued chance at getting some of this right, helping others if allowed, placing one foot in front of the other, finding any and every moment to say thank you and Hello and may I help you. And there are days I would just rather stay in bed.

Surprisingly enough I did something different this week and it was so good for me. I attended a professional team tennis performance here in Washington DC.  I was fortunate to win free tickets as a result of a raffle in which I purchased tickets to benefit a local hospital. I laughed and jumped up and down, there with my tennis partner of many years. I welcomed the natural raw high from getting away into my own emotional summer vacation. I’m sure you have your own story or stories to share and I would like to hear them!

So I don’t know where I am going with all this accept to say I’m mindful of this precious gift called Life.

Strange as it may seem I lost three paragraphs written with this post but for some reason during my insertion of this article they can't be retrieved.

I hope you enjoyed and got something of value from the post over the past month. I look forward to blogging once a week about something relevant to this community. Your comments and suggestions are more than welcomed. See you next week and have fun out there and don't forget to help someone. For some reason, I can’t get that Wind River Circle mantra out of my head! Thanks Tara L Henderson!

Curt Canada coaches and advises clients at Adapting2change in Washington DC. Curt is a Member of the Christian Coaches Network and the International Coach Federation.