It would be very easy for me to bash Ray Rice for his past behavior(however I will not) that could have resulted in a fatal incident. Miraculously his spouse survived this ordeal. The scars and pain and memories will never go away. It is a betting chance oddly enough such behavior may repeat itself. However, this seems to top the sports news, especially with the upcoming NFL Football season just around the corner.

According to the website, Domestic Violence ,” every nine minutes a woman is assaulted and beaten.”

There are professional evidence and research that will show causative factors that are prerequisites to such a response to personal challenges and personal conflict. Statistics, itself speaks volumes on the cry for help from victims experiencing domestic violence.

What role and roles does culture and genetics play in this discussion? How much of being battered does one also batter the other person? No matter what the penalty is levied here by the NFL, domestic violence seems to be increasing. It is not reported enough.

This is not the first time such an incident has been reported that’s involved a sports figure. It’s a spillover from the lack of thousands of individuals and couples that deny the need for help.

We are not going to eradicate domestic violence but this is a definite obvious opportunity for committed open dialogue in our families, churches, communities, and governments. It is an opportunity for increased judicial and legal enforcement on domestic violence globally and here at home.

There are further room for change in our court systems. I’m not so sure that a mere suspension of two ball games will amount to anything.

Forgiveness is so in order but we must go beyond this to educate and model how to handle and deal with conflict. It requires in our brokenness and fragility to face our faults and inadequacies.

As a Christian Coach and consultant, I pray, reflect, meditate, and will do all that I can do to help reduce such behavior. There are solutions and violence is not the solution.

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Curt Canada, Board Certified Coach at Adapting2change, advises, coaches, and consults individuals and groups in areas of communication, career, stress, handling and confronting conflict, relationships, divorce, and separation in Washington D.C.