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2012-07-04 08.55.23co cacanalI don’t really have to tell you what this article’s about because you already know. Most of you have been here before. Yes, that getting ready for the holidays. What exactly does this entail?

First, our recollections or memories of last year. You know, who you were with, who you bought gifts for, whether you had set goals for yourself to improve moving forward towards the coming year. This year finds you at your best and some at their worst.

Some of you have decided to attend Thanksgivings with a new friend or acquaintance. I don’t see why not, things happen and sometimes overnight. You’re not taking them for review at Mom’ or one of your best friends place. You’re over setting at the same table this year, meeting the same people. They will do just as well without you.

Secondly and perhaps sadly, some of our friends and families simply have moved or moved on to that other place. Nothing remains the same and perhaps that’s why we begin this season with Thanksgivings!

Lastly, let’s get a little creative for once in our lives simply planning a dinner at your place for strangers ,yes, if you have a table that will sit seven ,or eight ,or sixteen with some sitting on the floor and some over on the sofa in the other room, so be it. If it’s warm, an outdoors park and picnic table will do. Then again, some of you will volunteer your day staying away from gaining those extra calories. Nothing’s like home for the holidays which some of us, will admit, a place not for the weak at heart.

I recall past dinners, where what you wore was ok, if you brought something or simply showed up, this was good enough. No expectations nor surprises for the most part, except for that new person you showed up with.

So I got stuck on Thanksgivings because this is the kick-off point for holiday gatherings that actually makes the most sense to me. With so much going on around us in which I will not and care not to mention, just being thankful for being a part of this historical moment, in which in America we celebrate is just fine with me.

One can’t help for being emotionally overwhelmed. We have all experienced so much over the years. My heart goes out to all of us present and not so present.  Looking forward is my plan and simultaneously being rather mindful, what about you? Cry Me a River for all that’s behind me both good and bad and beautiful and ugly to this season of great possibilities if only we open our minds and hearts to new possibilities beginning with a brief…

Thank you for that not so familiar place we may find ourselves this holiday season!

Curt Canada, Board Certified Coach, SHRM and Christian Coaches Network member, coaching clients for what matters most, our lives. Find me at www.curtcanada.com and keep following our blog at www.adapting2change.me