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Woman Celebrating Sport SuccessBack in 1983 a Canadian New Wave band called “Men Without Hats” had a hit song titled “Safety Dance” which made to 3rd on the charts here in the U.S. Little over thirty years to be exact. Unless you were around at the time or you’re Canadian you may not even know anything about this group.

Well I remember them because I danced every time this song was played and the dance floor were always packed. This brings up the question what prompted me to write about dancing. If confronted I really wouldn’t be able to justify such an answer accept to say it a great way to burn some calories and have fun at the same time.

I get it now ,burn some calories, a little exercise, and burn some calories.  i will admit that over the past decade I have slowed down a tad and you probably have also? My week evenings and weekends are predictable for the most part.  As a life and career coach it’s easy for me to assign homework or activities for m clients. I have no idea what you do for work or whether you’re retired. Perhaps you can relate?

Recently, especially this winter it has been very cold and though i am somewhat active, my body aches in certain places. This probably happens to you also, though you ,like I, stretch often.  I can understand if you ‘re wondering ,what does this have to do with this Canadian Band and their song?

Anyway,a friend of mine who I used to work with mentioned that he was going to see some bands play at a church of another friend of his. He asked if i wanted to go. I reluctantly replied let me think about it letting him know later in the evening. Bands playing in a church, this sounds rather strange. I told myself you don’t want to do this, your ankle is bothering you. It’s too late in the evening. Excuses ,excuses, excuses.

it sounded like fun and most likely I would have a good time.  I got a text that he’s running late. I, in turn said ,no I’m staying home. He would understand . He says, I’m on my way. I should not have asked him his destination. Yes I’m almost at your house.

No room to refuse I got ready and off we went to this party inside a church building. As soon as i walked into the door,I knew I was at home and at church and at a party! I somewhere during the evening forgot about my sore ankle and how late it was. I danced and danced and danced. I met so many people. I had such a great time.

My ankle, two days later is not swollen nor am I in pain.  Where are you not dancing in your life?

It’s safe to dance.

I advise you to listen to the song by Men Without Hats!

Curt Canada, Board Certified Coach, member of SHRM  coaches and advises clients in relationships and career in Washington DC and nationally. Curt can be reached on the web at http://www.curtcanada.com Follow my Campaign to better your healthier at  @ThirtyOneCran