My name is Curt Canada and I live in the Glover Park community of Washington D.C. I’m passionate and driven in a collaborative and mindful way to help you grow and experience greatness in your relationship(s). This blog as well as coaching practice début in July 2010 after my own personal challenges and suffering I had to face with a separation and divorce in which I began adaptive work with myself experiencing a new and challenging place in my life. Some of you have lost a job or a career that you were always a part of, or perhaps a friend due to a sudden illness. Adapting is sometimes so tough but we do get there somehow.

Adapting2Change is a coaching practice and community focused on the tough and unforseen challenges relationships face on a day-to-day basis. I want you at your best in terms of health, happiness, and communication. Keep in mind that we are not alike at this is ok and that we, as well as our marriages and relationships are always changing.

As Board Certified Coach and Social Worker (MSW), I am passionate about my work as a leadership and personal development coach for over the past years. In addition, I am a Member of the International Coach Federation and Christians Coaches Network. Adapting2Change is a Member of the DC Chamber of Commerce.

Your comments and inquiries are valuable. This journey is about all of us and our relationships. I want you and your relationships healthier as possible!

Curt Canada

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