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photo.JPG grocerycartIt’s now late in the evening on Friday just past the early evening rush from work when you can now think straight. Some of you may have chosen to stop by a fast food shop or restaurant on the home and the rest of you used one of your favorite apps for a quick delivery. I can share with you that I’m somewhat in the same boat with you sometimes when I simply do not wish to cook for  myself.

This article has so much to offer you because I now have your full attention because there’s something I want to share with you that I think will help you during this holiday season and into the future. I am more concerned with you being or getting healthier. You’re dreading that dress that doesn’t fit or that suit with the slacks you simply can’t button anymore. Weight is the result of some of our eating choices and habits. Have you noticed all the ads and fitness experts trying to lure you into their gyms and personal exercise program Actually most of these programs are helpful but the greatest challenge or goal is following through.

This is why I want to return for a moment to discuss how changing your behavior especially around food purchasing will bring about huge tangible gains whether it’s for you ,a loved one, partner, or family. It starts with how  we  don’t think about what we throw into that shopping cart. We are creatures  of habit. We are attracted by visuals and colors and words in bold print beginning with most used words “healthy and organic”.

Quite frankly we fail to look at the contents of the product nor we look at the levels of lets say ,sodium, fat, or cholesterol a product possesses. Certain cultures bodies genetically produce high levels of cholesterol.  Foods are technologically produced so that you can eat more while maintaining a certain weight. However although if you’re not involved in a daily exercise burning those calories are difficult to achieve.

I notice that if you have read this article so far then you are willing to accept the following tips that will help you become healthier just by what you place in your shopping cart.

1 shop off-peak hours and when you’re rested

2 shop when you’re not hungry

3 research the contents of the products you’re purchasing to see why you like it so much. Cravings are associated with certain food additives.

4 certain items such as dressings and  toppings can be created and prepared by you. Add ingredients without those additives and preservative properties.

5 most importantly,  you will feel and become healthier simply by changing your thinking and behavior that have kept you from the person you want to be in terms of your physical and emotional  health.

Now you are ready to go shopping. Do  watch your alcohol intake during this season of being Jolly!  If this calls for a further conversation then arrange  a consultation with me  or a nearby professional.

Curt Canada, Board Certified Life and Career Coach , SHRM and Christian Coaches Network Member with a Masters in Social Work and Teacher Education and additional professional development studies in Stress Management and  Lifestyle Medicine for Weight Management (online) from Harvard  Medical School. Curt coaches clients in Washington DC. On the web at  http://www.curtcanada.com