This morning I had the opportunity of playing tennis with my tennis partner of over 15years and what time well spent. I happened to mention to her yesterday evening that I was available to play today despite the fact that I wasn’t really up to it. Actually my mind and body were sending negative messages, like, why do you want to exercise, you know the weatherman called for rain. You might re-injure your knee. You haven’t been sleeping well and you simply have to many things on your plate.

She actually arrived on time to pick me up before I had got a chance to complain which is something I normally do not do. Oh, but I’m human just like you and I can sulk if I want to though it will not get me any place. My friend began sharing with me all the things I usually say to her or my clients when coaching.   You got to step out of the box. Things are not as bad as they seem. Things will get better. There are people out here going through tougher times than you. Continue to love what you’re doing. Its at that moment that you almost throw in the towel that  things begin to start going your way.  I looked at her and paused and then I said sheepishly, thank you.

If you want something to happen you have to place your intentions and hopes and wishes and desires in motion.  You have to consider saying  thank you for what you have. You must follow-up on all those things you were working on but got no response. Sometimes you simply just have to ask and to believe in yourself and if I may re-iterate say thank you over and over again. It’s also in the helping of others that things you desire to happen begin to materialize. It’s the letting go place that one attracts all of what you desire.

Anyway in the middle of our time on the tennis court I noticed that I became more relaxed. I was no longer thinking why things were at a standstill regarding my work and passion. I noticed how freely as if hypnotized how my connection with the tennis ball was easier and I was having fun . My tennis partner all of a sudden returned a shot across the net at such force and accuracy moving swiftly past me catching me off guard. She laughed and I applauded her by say, “great shot”.

I had been hitting the ball all during this time pretty well and she never hesitated to compliment me. You had to have been there because at first when she surprised me with her return I said nothing. I shouted that what she had done was what is called feedback. This is what she was doing with me when we were traveling to the tennis court earlier. She was giving me feedback. Something I really needed to move me from inside of my shell and my thoughts and my momentary complacency. She has brought me to a new place or a new beginning or a fork in the road to simply acknowledge my greatness and challenges all the while allowing a little gratitude along the way. 

I thank  each of you for following me and supporting me through sometimes silent, my stuff as I continue to passionately do the work that I espouse and aspire to do is to help others. Your thoughts are always so welcomed.


Coaching and helping others and myself through good and bad times at Adapting2change here in Washington DC and globally.