Yesterday afternoon while shopping in a local store in my neighborhood I happened to get into a conversation over local politics with this lady who was wearing surprisingly enough a badge supporting  a well known politician. Personally, as of late I have moved somewhat away from all the stories that are out here in the media about the demise of individuals making all sorts of promises to the  general public and their so called constituencies.

I mentioned how I had noticed in meeting some of them at local events, a sometimes puzzled look. I’m not so surprised these days at the news stories around those facing their own personal and professional stuff.

As this person was walking away I said to her may I introduce myself and I ,in turn, ask her what her name was and she replied. I told her briefly as to who I was. This led to her speaking kindly of the history of a politician we both knew of prior to there service in government. How this person was raised and their education. It dawned on the two of us  of our own stories and what we have all gone through to get to where we are.

There was a conclusive smile and good bye and not to point any fingers in any direction leaving the future a place of sheer hope and optimism not only in government regarding who will be elected tomorrow but more so in our personal lives and endeavors. In and around here, there’s a spin or a little public relations on about most everything and definitely when it comes to politics.

For example, speaking of stories, I often think about my journey of growing up in West Virginia in the 50’s amidst swinging bridges and dirt roads and coal mines and outhouses and complete darkness in the evening, navigating during the night via a flashlight and the sky.

We all have stories don’t we?


Curt Canada, Board Certified Coach at Adapting2change  coaches clients amidst personal, leadership,career challenges, and aspirations. Adapting2change is a DC Chamber of Commerce Member. Curt is also a Member of International Coach Federation and the Christian Coaches Network. Curt holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Iowa and a Masters in Teacher Education from the American University. He has recent post graduate continuing education studies form Harvard University School of Medicine in Anxiety, Stress, and Weight Management.